Glass Polishing and Sealing Treatments

Over the years we have seen a lot of glass shower door surrounds that become cloudy with minerals from water spray. Even when the glass is treated from the factory, the repeated use of a squeegee will degrade the surface to the point that it can become cloudy.

Sureshine can add years to the beauty and the useful life of your shower glass.

This service is an affordable addition to any project or a stand-alone service. We have been polishing shower and other glass for more than 10 years and have restored 1000’s of shower surrounds to like new condition.

How do we polish your glass?

We use a mild abrasive glass polishing compound and a few special techniques to get the most out of your shower glass. Then it’s time for the real value. We seal your shower glass with a reactive polymer that literally makes the surface smoother. This smooth tight surface is super “hydrophobic”. This means that water beads high and will fall of the glass. After your shower you simply wipe your glass with a towel and clean it one time per week with a repellent wash that is readily available and inexpensive.

Daily, weekly, and yearly maintenance suggestions for your shower glass can be found here.

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